Beach Trip Before Diagnosis

Found some pictures and a video I hadn’t seen since the day I took them…our last beach trip with Mercede before she was diagnosed…just three weeks before our lives changed forever. Miss you, baby girl…

Every Beautiful Moment

Every Beautiful Moment

Tonight we drove down the road a mile, maybe, to watch the sunset and take a walk on the beach. This particular place has a path over the dunes that leads to the ocean. There were several deer in the tall grasses watching us as we followed the path winding around the dunes. If you stand at the tallest point on this path, you can see the ocean and the sound. The sunset tonight was…

Dancing On Bubble Wrap

Spending some time watching Cede and Claire videos and missing them terribly. Thought I would share one with you. This is a favorite memory of mine…dancing on bubble wrap. Cede put on Emily’s shoes so she could pop more bubbles. Miss them with all my heart.

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