Day 78:

This has been a good weekend. Friday evening we drove to the little library a few miles from here, picked out some books and videos. My kids are admittedly a little strange but that’s what I love most about them. They always head to the documentary section of the library first. They chose a few more to take home and watch this week. After the library we had grouper and fish tacos at a bistro down the street. Then back at the campground, which we now have completely to ourselves, the kids and Steve rode bikes and climbed trees in the dark for hours. I had to make them come in at bedtime. Just another thing that tells me we made the right decision. At home the kids had completely stopped going outside. It was too sad to be in our back yard without their sister. So they just stopped going out there. Here, I have to make them come inside. Saturday we went to a Christmas parade. It was small and Christ-centered and right on the water. They let any kids who wanted to go up and sing their favorite Christmas song with the band. The parade was full of cute floats made by churches and businesses, girl scout and boy scout troops, the high school band. The teacher of the year was driven around in a little red convertible and Santa rode in on the fire truck. Everyone threw candy to the kids watching the parade. It was fun. Then we hiked up and down giant sand dunes in a state park. They were huge! It looked like the desert and no one else was there so we felt like the only people on earth. Early Sunday morning a weather system moved in with rain at first…it woke us up…it’s loud on the camper roof. Then the rain stopped and the wind moved in…lots of wind…35 miles an hour. And it makes the camper feel like a boat in the ocean. It hasn’t stopped all day. We’re trying not to get sea sick and watching our documentaries.

Cede, Rufus is a chicken. We tried to let him out this morning to go potty and he ran right back inside…he’s scared of the wind. We also discovered that he likes to chase your brother and sisters on their bikes. I stood there watching them ride together, laughing at Rufus chasing them, and wishing with everything in me that you were on your bike beside them.

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