Want To Help Our Little Heroes?

A little goes a long way! Even a gift of a few dollars will purchase a new hat that will bring confidence to a child fighting cancer and put a smile on their face. To see how far a few dollars can go, read the testimony below.

This letter was written by a member of the Child Life team at Hemby Children’s Hospital about Mercede’s Hat Shop and it explains perfectly what these hats do for the children who receive them:

My name is Kristen Beaury and I am the newest addition to the child life team on the pediatric floor. We recently received a box of hats (and more!) and I wanted to share how thankful we are to have this excellent resource.


One of the first questions our newly diagnosed patients ask is “Will I lose my hair?” It is such a valid concern and question and we are always honest with them. It has been such a blessing to follow up their question with “But we have this awesome hat shop that will come to your room and you can pick out as many hats, headbands or scarves as you want.” Time after time this puts a smile back on our patient’s faces. We have patients that ask to ‘shop” every time they are here. And other patients that are newly finished with their treatment and come back to visit wearing their hat from the hat shop.


Mercede’s Hat Shop is perfect for all ages and genders. Recently, one of our five year old boy patients was thrilled over his “mustache” scarf (he even got his Flashes of Hope pictures while wearing it!) Another teenage patient was able to get a matching scarf with her mom who shaved her head to support her daughter when she lost her hair. Mercede’s Hat Shop is a wonderful way to support our patients and helps make them feel beautiful again.


Although I was not fortunate enough to meet your daughter, I have loved learning about her through Emily Ratliffe. It amazes me to hear her story and how the hat shop was started. I have learned how selfless, loving, and courageous Mercede was and we will continue to remember each time we help a child shop in the hat shop. Thank you for continuing to support our patients. We couldn’t be more thankful!

Kristen Beaury

Child Life Team, Hemby Children's Hospital

Your donation enables us to continue to support these amazing children. Thank you!


Continue her mission to bring love and comfort to hospitalized children.