Dear Cede,

OzI found out that you got an early Christmas present last week. Your good buddy, Oz came to be with you. I know he was happy to see you and I can just imagine the two of you romping all over heaven together. I got to have a special moment with Oz last Sunday while we were visiting Uncle Dave. I found out about the tumors…that he lost his sight…and I went out in the yard to talk to him. I told him he was a good dog. I told him you would take good care of him. I asked him to give you lots of kisses from us so you would know how much we miss you. He put his head close to mine and listened. He licked my hand to tell me he understood, I think. Then he laid his head in my lap. I sat there in the grass with him, all the good memories going through my head, wishing life didn’t have to change or end, wishing there was no such thing as cancer, wishing I could see the two of you running around together, my tears streaming and dropping into his golden fur. I know Oz is going to love heaven. And I know you’re going to love having him by your side again. He’s such a good dog.

Love you, baby.


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