Mercede’s Hat Shop is a large bin on wheels that is filled with hats of all shapes and sizes. On the day that the kids fighting cancer start losing their hair from chemo, Mercede’s Hat Shop is rolled into their hospital rooms. They are allowed to pick out as many hats as they want. The hats help to take away the fear that these kids have about losing their hair.

One of the first questions our newly diagnosed patients ask is “Will I lose my hair?” It is such a valid concern and question and we are always honest with them. It has been such a blessing to follow up their question with “But we have this awesome hat shop that will come to your room and you can pick out as many hats, headbands or scarves as you want.” Time after time this puts a smile back on our patient’s faces.

Kristen Beaury

Child Life Specialist, Hemby Children's Hospital

Mercede’s Comfort Kits are large tote bags filled with items that will make a child that is in the hospital frequently or for long amounts of time feel more comfortable. The items in each bag are: a soft blanket, a stuffed animal to snuggle, a water bottle, a sleeping mask, ear plugs, chapstick, warm socks, an art journal and colored pencils (items vary a little according to age.) Each newly diagnosed kid will receive a comfort kit when they are admitted to the hospital.

Continuing her mission to bring love and comfort to hospitalized children.