Ten Christmas days in her lifetime…all of them were priceless and precious. Her squeals of delight with every gift she opened, from the smallest to the biggest, those still echo in my heart..they always will. She woke up at the crack of dawn…no before that, and went around jumping in everyone’s bed to wake us all up so we could start the day. Her excitement was so contagious. But of all the Christmas mornings with Cede that we were given, the last one is the one on my mind most today. She woke up and immediately asked for Claire. So we walked down the hospital hall and knocked on their door. Claire was still in her crib and Cede climbed right in with her and they snuggled up close and talked and played….waiting for the daddies to get to hospital. I love that memory…those two beautiful bald headed girls in their jammies, hugging, giggling, smiling. Just the truest, purest love shining from their faces. I will never forget…


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